Announcing Barrel Bragging Rights 2012

On Friday, September 14th, the third annual Toronto Beer Week will begin and once again will feature the Barrel Bragging Rights competition on the opening night at the Monk’s Table. The cities best beer writers have been paired with the best brewers from across the province, collaborating on special beers that will be served from oak barrels. The confirmed list of participants is as follows, with one or two more participants likely to be added in the coming weeks:

The event has been tweaked slightly this year. Instead of a blind competition, the beers will be judged by a three-person panel featuring Stephen Beaumont (acclaimed beer writer), Jon Downing (brewmaster at the Niagara College Teaching Brewery) and Chris Grimley (one-half of last year’s winning team). Building on the success of last year, Barrel Bragging Rights will be taking over both floors of the Monk’s Table and the barrels have expanded from 5L to 38L. The $30 entrance fee (taxes included) gets you a branded Barrel Bragging Rights 2012 glass, nibbles provided by the Monk’s Table and unlimited beer samples until the barrel runs dry.

Barrel Bragging Rights will once again start at 5pm. There are no advance tickets, so showing up early on the 14th is recommended to avoid disappointment. We hope to see you there!


4 responses to “Announcing Barrel Bragging Rights 2012

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  3. This has not made it onto the TBW events page yet.

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