3 Years, 500 Posts

Today is a bit of a milestone day for me as this is the 500th post on the third anniversary of A Year of Beer!. I told myself that this wouldn’t become a long essay about blogging, because a) that would be really boring, and b) I’ve grown weary of talking about blogging. (Seriously. I write something and hit “Publish.” What more is there to say? If you’re interested in that sort of stuff, the music blog Chromewaves just turned ten and got all meta for the occasion.) Instead, let’s reflect on how much the beer industry has changed in Ontario since September 2009. First, here’s a list of new breweries that have started in that time (hopefully I haven’t missed any):

  • Beer Academy
  • Bellwoods
  • Big Rig
  • Broadhead
  • Cassel
  • Double Trouble
  • Gananoque
  • Hogsback
  • Hogtown
  • Hop City
  • House Ales
  • Indie Ale House
  • Junction
  • Kensington
  • Kichesippi
  • Lake of Bays
  • Niagara College Teaching Brewery
  • Niagara Oast House
  • Sawdust City
  • Silversmith
  • Sleeping Giant
  • Spearhead

The number of Ontario-made craft beers on shelves at the LCBO has also seen an incredible jump. Here are the new beers that have appeared on the general list or as a seasonal product since then (this may not be entirely accurate):

  • Amsterdam Spring Bock, 416, Boneshaker, Oranje Weiss
  • Beau’s: Lugtread, Festivale, IP Eh?, Nightmarzen, Dunkel Buck
  • Black Creek: Pale Ale, Porter, Stout, Rifleman’s Ration
  • Creemore: Kellerbier, Altbier
  • Denison’s Weissbier
  • Double Trouble Hops & Robbers
  • Duggan’s: #9 IPA, #5 Sorachi Lager
  • Flying Monkeys: Smash Bomb, Netherworld, Super Collider
  • Grand River: Pugnacious, Highballer, Curmudgeon, Galt Knife, Plowman’s, Russian Gun
  • Great Lakes: Crazy Canuck, Miami Weiss, 25th Anniversary Robust Porter and 25th Anniversary Belgian Saison
  • Highlander Scottish Ale
  • Hockley Amber
  • Hop City Barking Squirrel
  • Kensington Augusta Ale
  • Lake of Bays: Mocha Porter, 10 Point IPA, Pale Ale, Sparkhouse Red
  • Mill Street: Ambre de la Chaudiere, Lemon Tea, Betelguese, Roggenbier
  • Muskoka: Mad Tom, Harvest Ale, Winter Beard, Spring Oddity, Pilsner Light (RIP?)
  • Nickelbrook Headstock
  • Spearhead Hawaiian Style Pale Ale
  • Wellington Russian Imperial Stout

There are probably a couple of errors or omissions in there, but it’s not like I’ve been trying to keep track. That list also doesn’t include a lot of beers that have only been sold to licensees or in retail stores – think Black Oak Ten Bitter Years, Amsterdam Tempest and too many Great Lakes beers to mention. Looking at that list, it has been an incredible three years for craft beer in Ontario and the future is even brighter.

To my recollection, the only brewery of any significance to close during the past three years has been Scotch Irish, who were sold to Kichesippi and then abandoned (at least for now). No idea if we’ll ever see the Scotch-Irish brand, but my guess is that all efforts are going towards establishing the Kichesippi brand. Thanks for the memories.

It’s been a good three years and I’ve hopefully got at least another one or two in me. At that point I’ll get reflective and weepy, but for now I just want to say thanks. Thanks to everyone who’s ever commented, ever retweeted, told me they enjoyed a post or argued with me over pints. The best part of the past three years hasn’t been the beers I’ve tried, but the people I’ve met because of beer. And the free beer I sometimes get – that’s been pretty awesome too.


6 responses to “3 Years, 500 Posts

  1. Wicked job, Mike! Congratulations on your 3rd year. Keep up the great work!


  2. Awesome. Congrats on the milestones, Mike. Cheers!

  3. Way to continue doing a thing.

  4. 3 years and 500 posts! Interesting reading too. Keep it up! Gord

  5. Congratulations – I hope you last more than a few more years! 🙂

  6. 3 Years, 500 Posts! cool and congratulations. Keep Blogging.

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