First Tempest, Then… ?

A lot of people were pretty excited when news broke yesterday that the Amsterdam Tempest is finally coming to the LCBO, myself included. I knew it was in the works for a while, but it was great to hear the official news that this stunning imperial stout would be gracing our shelves. Then late Wednesday night I took to Twitter, asking people what other craft beer from Ontario they want to see on LCBO shelves. Here were some of the responses:

It was a pretty small sample, but it still wielded some interesting choices. (I haven’t had the Bellwoods Hellwoods, which garnered two picks, but the beer sounds very promising.) Of course, not all the selections are entirely possible due to the size and capacity of some of the breweries, but it’s a fun game to play. The Cameron’s RPA and a Great Lakes IPA/saison/sour seem to be likely candidates due to the popularity of the brands and both breweries being well established. My personal wish list includes the Cheshire Valley Robust Porter and the House Ales Night Train at the top of the list, both unlikely choices but this is more a wish list than anything else.

For everyone that didn’t weigh in on Twitter, what Ontario beers do you want to see at the LCBO?


2 responses to “First Tempest, Then… ?

  1. Want to see: Granite IPA and Best Bitter Special. Ideally in 500ml bottles.
    Might actually see: Junction Conductor, Cam’s RPA, Nickel Brook Naughty Neighbour PA.

  2. Cameron’s RPA would be my top choice.

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