LCBO 2012 Winter Beer Release

Most of our the autumn beers are only trickling out now (and a little too slowly for my liking) but the winter release is already charging from behind. The six-pack of Rogue has already been appearing a couple of places, well before the release was even announced. Here is what to expect for the 2012 Winter Beer Release:

97469 / Schloss Eggenberg Samichlaus / $3.95 / Austria (RB)
296921 / Van Steenberge Gulden Draak / $2.95 / Belgium (RB)
307553 / Caracole Nostradamus Strong Belgian Ale / $3.50 / Belgium (RB)
296103 / Propeller Revolution Russian Imperial Stout / $4.85 / Canada (RB)
303586 / Howe Sound Pothole Filler Imperial Stout / $11.35 / Canada (RB)
311860 / Erdinger Pikantus / $3.45 / Germany (RB)
187005 / Olvisholt Lava Smoked Imperial Stout / $5.80 / Iceland (RB)
311878 / Renaissance Elemental Porter / $5.50 / New Zealand (RB)
188870 / Box Steam Dark & Handsome / $3.95 / United Kingdom (RB)
905828 / Orkney Skull Splitter Barley Wine / $4.15 / United Kingdom (RB)
95034 / Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout / $2.80 / United States (RB)
289710 / Rogue Yellow Snow / $16.50 / United States (RB)
298307 / Shmaltz He’brew Jewbelation / $8.95 / United States (RB – assuming it is Sweet Sixteen, the most recent release)

The Holiday Release, usually filled with packs from bigger breweries, also features these gems:

288696 / Het Anker Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van De Keizer Blauw / $7.55 / Belgium (RB)
288720 / Unibroue La Terrible / $10.95 / Canada (RB)
288746 / Les Troi Mousquetaires Weizenbock 2012 / $9.95 / Canada (RB)
92791 / Koningshoeven La Trappe Quadrupel / $6.80 / Netherlands (RB)
173534 / Southern Tier Choklat / $9.85 / United States (RB)

That’s a lot of damn tasty beers! Imperial stout fans have a lot to be happy about, especially with a couple of great Canadian examples. Lots of delicious Belgian ales to get us through cold evenings and at great prices (the Gouden Carolus is a steal). A little light in the barley wine department, but I’m looking forward to trying a great English Scottish example in the Skull Splitter.


6 responses to “LCBO 2012 Winter Beer Release

  1. I’m a little sad to see that Peche Mortel isn’t listed this year especially since Corne du Diable was part of the Halloween release.

  2. I was personally hoping to see the Trois Mousquetaires Baltic Porter again, though this list isn’t bad. I’ve already stocked up on some of the Southern Tier Choklat as well as Mokah, which are both delicious imo.

  3. I paid $20 for a bottle of La Terrible at Volo in Toronto years ago, and it was one of the best beers I’ve tried. It gave the Rochefort 10 I had with it a run for it’s money.

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  5. Skull Splitter is a lovely beer but it’s from the Orkney Islands, which are Scottish, not English.

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