The Final 2012 Predictions Tally

The end of the year is less than a month away, which means it’s time to get into wrap up mode. Be prepared to be assaulted with Top 5/10/25 lists throughout the next two weeks as everyone tries to make sense of the randomly selected sequence of days that we call a year. Though the year hasn’t quite finished, it is probably safe to say that we can put an end to my 2012 Predictions. Before getting to the final total, there is one last update:

  • The Best of Beau’s four pack includes the Screamin’ Beaver Double IPA is an oak aged beer (presumably oak chips, cubes or staves), which is the second oak or barrel aged beer from Ontario to hit the LCBO stores.

That brings the final tally to 15 correct out of 21, which is a pretty respectable score. I didn’t fare so well on the business side of my predictions (no breweries were purchased by larger companies, no brewery shut down), but I did a pretty damn good job of predicting what we would see on the LCBO shelves. I’m going to carry a couple of the predictions over to 2013 (surely we’ll get a Black Oak seasonal next year!) and also make up a whole bunch of new ones, which won’t appear until January. The degree of difficulty score will also be raised, but that’s my final hint.


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