LCBO Autumn Release 2012 Poll

Now that a couple of months have passed, it’s probably a safe bet that most people have tried the selection of beers from the LCBOs Autumn Release and public opinion can be gathered on the release. In case you missed the 2012 Summer Release Poll, this is a basic one question poll about your favourite beer from the 2012 Autumn Release. Only beers from this release are included and nothing else, so don’t complain about not seeing your favourite Ontario beer.

Leave general opinions on the release in the comments. On the whole, I was a little disappointed in a number of beers, especially the Meantime London Porter.

Note: voting is now closed!


4 responses to “LCBO Autumn Release 2012 Poll

  1. I don’t think I actually tried any of these. None sounded particularly interesting.

  2. I had high hopes and was not that impressed with a large chunk of these. On the other hand there were a few gems

  3. Not sure how to vote but I do have a couple comments. It wasn’t a fantastic lineup for sure. I’d say a hightlight was Box Steam and lowlights were the St. Peter’s and Cannery Blackberry Porter.

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