LCBO 2013 Summer Beer Release and Renaissance Brewing Feature

The LCBO has released the list of the 2013 Summer Beer Release, scheduled to start appearing on shelves the week of May 27th.

  • Abbaye Des Rocs Blanche Des Honnelles / 330mL / 6.0% / $2.80 (RB)
  • Achouffe Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel / 330mL / 9.0% / $3.75 (RB)
  • Duboisson Scaldis Blonde Triple / 750mL / 10.5% / $8.10 (RB)
  • Bockor Cuvee des Jacobins  / 330mL / 5.5% / $3.30 (RB)
  • Howe Sound King Heffy Imperial Hefeweizen / 1000mL / 7.7% / $11.20 (RB)
  • Charlevoix Dominus Vobiscum Saison / 750mL / 6.0% / $9.90 (RB)
  • Le Trou du Diable Shawinigan Handshake/ 500mL / 6.5% / $4.95 (RB)
  • Les Trois Mousquetaires Hopfenweisse / 750mL / 6.0% / $6.75 (RB)
  • Mikkeller Canadian Dream / 330mL / 4.6% / $3.45 (aka The American Dream? – RB)
  • Thornbridge Kipling South Pacific Ale / 500mL / 5.2% / $5.00 (RB)
  • Hofbrau Munchen Hefe Weizen / 500mL / 5.1% / $2.95 (RB)
  • Nogne O Saison / 500mL / 6.5% / $6.00 (RB)
  • Ommegang Hennepin / 6x355mL / 7.7% / $12.95 (RB)
  • Brooklyn Sorachi Ace / 750mL / 7.6% / $4.85 (RB)

The Renaissance brewery feature was also announced:

  • Renaissance Perfection Pale Ale / 500mL / 5.0% / $5.65 (RB)
  • Renaissance Marlborough Pale Ale / 500mL / 8.8% / $6.45 (RB)
  • Renaissance Discovery American Pale Ale / 500mL / 4.5% / $5.65 (RB)
  • Renaissance Voyager India Pale Ale / 500mL / 6.0% / $5.65 (RB)

Once again, two interesting releases and ones that are best talked about together. Some will likely complain about the summer release being heavy on beers that emphasis the yeast character (weisse beers, saisons and other Belgian style beers), but the Renaissance feature adds a nice hop compliment. Also keep in mind that Ontario breweries are meeting the hop fix right now, so it makes even more sense for the LCBO to bring in beers that cover styles not made in Ontario right now (or I should say styles that Ontario breweries maybe haven’t submitted to the LCBO). This is also the most expensive summer release that I’ve seen (for comparison, see last year). Not counting the Hennepin six pack, there are some pricier beers and it will be interesting to see how quickly these sell. A lot of the beers are also not made for mass consumption – five come in at higher than 7% (six if you include the Renaissance Marlborough).

The real test with the seasonal releases is how many of the beers are tempting to buy and once again this release fairs very well. There are a couple I will likely pass on because they just don’t thrill me, but there are no obvious duds. Add in the beers to come from Ontario breweries and it should be a good summer for beer!


8 responses to “LCBO 2013 Summer Beer Release and Renaissance Brewing Feature

  1. Surely the Sorachi Ace will be either more than $4.85 or less than 750 ml. Looking forward to trying some different Saisons.

    • I’ve only ever seen the beer in 750mL bottles, so that is likely correct. Hopefully the price is also correct, though it is surprisingly low.

  2. Any word on what Dieu Du Ciel beer they will release in 4-Packs for the summer? They usually release a new 4-Pack every season. I’m expecting something boring like Rosee D’Hibiscusm, but we could get lucky. Also, can you post links to Beer Advocate rather than RateBeer beside the beers? I find it to be a much better site for reviews and marks (RateBeer tends to overrate things, and has a lackluster design). Thanks for the list

    • The Hibiscus is pack in four-packs, rolling out across the province now.

      I use RB, but will try to put up ones for BA the next time a list comes out. It’s a lot of tedious work to do both, which is why I never have.

  3. Sorachi Ace is one of the best beer’s i’ve ever had. I go to the US just to buy it.

  4. Also, in the US, the Sorachi is usually around 8-10 dollars USD.

  5. I just bought a case of Rochefort 8 at the LCBO in Lindsay, as well as a bottle of Unibroue Seigneuriale. Both have hot the shelves without much fanfare. They’re general listings. Add them to this list? Highly recommend the Rochefort.

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