The Tap List – June 2013

For those who missed this post last month, The Tap List is a monthly replacement to the Ontario Brewery Tiers. (Check out the inaugural edition for full details.) Some moving and shaking went on this past month, leading up to a busy summer season.

1. Great Lakes (Last month: #2). The winner of Canadian Brewery of the Year at the Canadian Brewery Awards definitely deserves the top spot this month.

2. Mill Street (Last month: #4). The new Beer Hall is a nice spot with an improved menu and a delicious dubbel. The bierschnaaps didn’t thrill me, though.

3. Amsterdam (Last month: #3). Is the brewpub open yet? No? Just checking. Anyway, Amsterdam also picked up quite a number of Canadian Brewing Awards and the Fracture gets a thumbs-up.

4. Black Oak (Last month: Not ranked). The unbelievable has happened – 10 Bitter Years has reached the LCBO. The rebranding is quite nice as well.

5. Bellwoods (Last month: #1). Ontario’s collaboration kings. Le Trou du Diable stopped by when they were in town to brew a raspberry saison.

6 and 7. Beau’s and Beyond the Pale (Last month: Not ranked/Not ranked). Beau’s helped out the nearby Beyond the Pale by loaning them some brewing equipment to help BTP expand production. The best part? The loan is being paid off in beer. Good news for both breweries, earning each a spot.

8. Sawdust City (Last month: #10). The insanely delicious Lone Pine IPA is now in the LCBO.

9. Nickel Brook (Last month: #5). Picked up some nice hardware at the CBAs and the Naughty Neighbour is finally supposed to be hitting the LCBO. This will take up some major real estate in my fridge this summer.

10. Forked River (Last month: Not ranked). London finally has a craft brewery and this will hopefully continue the growth of the craft beer scene there.

Dropped off: Muskoka, Left Field, Bush Pilot, Cameron’s.

Diacetyl Attack of the Month (aka Dishonourable Mention): Black Creek Montgomery’s Courage. Brewing at Trafalgar was probably going to catch up to them eventually and this is the ticking butterscotch time bomb that many expecting.


One response to “The Tap List – June 2013

  1. Like the final column name and enjoy these articles. Naughty Neighbor is on shelves. Label has changed, blue background instead of white. Don’t remember enough to comment on whether the neighbor is slightly less naughty now.

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