Beer Pornography: Vacation Auto-Pilot

IMG_3563If you’ve been surprised by a lack of posts about Ontario Craft Beer Week, that’s because I really don’t know what’s going on this year. Sure, there have been emails, Tweets and Facebook events sent my way, but most information has only been glanced at because this will be the first time I miss OCB Week. Tonight I’m heading out for two glorious weeks in London, Manchester and Brussels (with day trips to Canterbury, Oxford, Bruges and Antwerp). The timing isn’t perfect, but obviously getting a chance to visit two great beer countries is not something to pass up.

Every couple of days there will be “Best Of” posts from the past two years. Hopefully they are a reminder of when I was posting more prolifically and had a lot more to say about beer. If you’re a long time reader, take solace in this collection of summery beer photos. Also, be sure to check out Toronto Bottle Share if you haven’t already and maybe sign up while you’re there. See you in two weeks!






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