Beer Pornography: The Cantillon Experience


In many ways, there isn’t much to say about drinking in Belgium. There is obviously a lot of great beer to be had in Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges, it’s just a matter of knowing what you want (for example, geuze or a traditional Flemish bar) and finding the right places. Obviously a highlight was visiting the Cantillon brewery, which is also a museum and popular with lots of beer geeks. You go on a self-guided tour through the whole brewery, from the mash tun and cool ship to the barrels where the lambic is fermenting, finally ending up in the cellar where thousands of bottles are undergoing the final fermentation before being ready to be shipped out around the world.

The tasting area has fewer than ten tables, but they fill up quickly with people from around the world. I was lucky to meet some Americans and we split a couple of bottles (50ºN 4ºE and Zwanze 2012, in case you wanted to know), chatted about beer, places to drink in Belgium and life on the road. It wasn’t life altering, but there is something about Cantillon that made it special.






IMG_3904(This barrel had the side cut out so that people could see what it looked like on the inside. I assume the gunk below the top ring is a by-product of fermentation.)







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