2013 Predictions: Update #5

By now you should know the drill. Here’s the latest on the 2013 Predictions:

  • There are two new beers at 4.5% ABV or less – the Hockley 100 and Railway City Canada Southern Draft. (Hey, I never said they were going to be good beers!)
  • There are also two new barrel/oak-aged beers – the Beau’s Festivale Plus Sticke Alt and the Radical Road Wayward Son (which is listed on the LCBO website and will be appearing in stores soon).
  • A half point is given to the Great Lakes Audrey Hopburn for being a hybrid Belgian ale (in this case, an IPA). Once again, it should be on shelves soon.
  • One point is also lost for good – there was not a special beer released for OCB Week, which is too bad. That seems like a wasted opportunity.

The score now stands at 12.5 our of 31, which is pretty reasonable for this time of year. Can’t wait for all the September to December releases boosting my score!


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