2013 Predictions: Update #5

One beer, multiple ticks! Thanks to the Amsterdam De Wallen (a fantastic beer – check LCBO availability) a couple of points have been added to the 2013 Predictions:

  • The De Wallen is barrel aged. That category is almost done.
  • It also contains brett and lacto, giving a second tick. (It also has pediococcus, though that was not a yeast mentioned in the prediction.)

The De Wallen could actually go for a hat trick if it is considered to be Belgian in style. Going to have to check with Amsterdam on that one. With the two points, the current tally is now 14.5 points out of a possible 31.

3 responses to “2013 Predictions: Update #5

  1. Framboise isn’t made with Belgian yeast, is it? That would discount it from being Belgian, I think?

    • I don’t know. The final beer has a lot of similarities to a Flemish red ale, though I doubt it would be considered a Belgian-style ale by the brewery

  2. I would consider it a Flemish Red unless there is somewhere else that does a sour red ale. It reminds me quite a bit of the Jacobins that was released earlier this year.

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