2012 Predictions

Below are my predictions for the Ontario and Canadian craft beer industries for 2012. I will update the list throughout the year as my predictions (hopefully) become true. If you’re curious, read the original post. If you think you can do better, post your predictions in the comments.

  • Two Canadian breweries will be bought by larger companies. One of those breweries will be in Ontario
  • One Ontario brewery will shut its doors
  • Three American-style IPAs will be added to the LCBO general list this year. (One: Amsterdam Boneshaker. Two: Spearhead Hawaiian Style Pale Ale. Three: Muskoka Twice As Mad Tom.)
  • Two new imperial stouts from Ontario will see time on the LCBO shelves. (Hopefully one is the Amsterdam Tempest.) (One: Wellington Imperial Russian Stout. Two: Amsterdam Tempest.)
  • Two Ontario breweries will bring out home delivery systems similar to the BYBO delivery that Beau’s now runs. (One: Railway City Home Delivery starts in May.)
  • Five new breweries will be announced in Ontario. (Indie Ale House, Hogtown, Bellwoods and other already planned breweries do not count.) They do not have to start making beer. (One and two: Niagara Oast House Brewers and Silversmith Brewery, from Niagara Advance. Three: Big Rig Brewery in Ottawa, as announced by Canadian Beer News. Four: Liberty Village Brewing Company, revealed my Mom and Hops. Five: Side Launch, also announced by Mom and Hops.)
  • Black Oak will put at least one seasonal beer into the LCBO
  • There will be two beers from Ontario breweries in the LCBO that are barrel or oak aged (One: Mill Street 2012 Barley Wine is aged in Jack Daniels barrels. Two: Beau’s Screamin’ Beaver Double IPA, aged on oak.)
  • Two beers or breweries will be started by the macro breweries that attempt to masquerade as craft beer (One: Six Pints Specialty Beer Company. Two: Creemore’s Mad & Noisy.)
  • Utopias will appear on actual LCBO shelves
  • I will move away from the Bellwoods brewery just as they are about to open their doors. (Correct! Bellwoods opened the beginning of April and I move across town at the beginning of May.)

Final Score: 15/21. (16/22 if you include the last prediction, which really doesn’t matter to anyone but me. That’s more of a bonus point.)

3 responses to “2012 Predictions

  1. I know of at least one of your predictions that has not come true, will come true before the end of year.

  2. Big Rig came true, and it’s one of the best around the area right now. Growlers for 13$ +5$ depo and 6’ers of Gold for 13.95. I suggest you all check them out.

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